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Vehicle Air Conditioning Services

AAMCO can provide your vehicle with complete air conditioning maintenance and repair services, no matter your type of vehicle. Inspection, diagnosis, and repair for your auto air conditioning is made easy with our team, especially when your air conditioning unit is responsible for so much that helps keep your car air clean and your temperature balanced.

Warning Signs That You May Need Repair:

  • Strange noises when turning air conditioning system on
  • Only hot air blows from the vents
  • The vents will randomly blow cold air when they shouldn’t
  • Strange smelling air from vents
  • Fogging windshield when it’s supposed to be defrosting

You can expect reliable, comprehensive care and service when you bring your vehicle to AAMCO for air conditioning inspection, diagnosis, and repair. Our Initial Vehicle Check and Comprehensive Diagnostic Services provide the basic range of inspection needs to help insure that your vehicle is safe and in good shape when you hit the road again. Our inspection includes checking for damage or leaks in your air-conditioning system, checking the compressor drive belt specifically, and looking at the hoses, lines, seals and other components for any damage or wear. This inspection helps ensure that your system is safe and running up to standard.



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