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Engine Tune Up & Repair Services

Properly tuning your vehicle can increase your gas mileage and improve your vehicle’s performance, all the while protecting the environment from more harmful emissions. An annual inspection is all it takes to tell if your vehicle could benefit from a tune up.

AAMCO’s tune up services include inspecting and adjusting each system that affects efficient fuel combustion. Having trouble telling when you’re due for a tune up? Keep track of your gas mileage, and watch for it to increase by 10% or more. If your vehicle is experiencing problems with drivability, it might also be time to take your vehicle in for a professional tune up. Check your owner’s manual or come see AAMCO for specific recommendations concerning tune up and spark plug replacement.

Another important indicator that it’s time for a tune-up is when your vehicle’s check engine light comes on. Sometimes this light will appear in between annual inspections, and it’s important to follow-up with a mechanic to ensure your vehicle doesn’t need more repairs outside of a simple oil change. AAMCO provides a complete check engine light service in Richmond to ensure your vehicles run optimally from one annual inspection to the next.

We’ll perform a complete inspection to ascertain why the check engine light was triggered, and our techs will provide the necessary tune-up services to address any problems they find. Our goal is your safety and your vehicle‘s reliability on the road.

An AAMCO Tune Up service includes:

  • New spark plug installation
  • Idle speed adjustment and set timing if applicable
  • Inspection of throttle, linkage, spark plug wires, and distributor cap if equipped
  • Comprehensive performance check to ensure drivability and performance
  • Initial Vehicle Check (IVC) of all your vehicle’s critical systems.

Trust AAMCO’s team of experts to give your vehicle the service it needs to get on the road and stay on the road. Our team is trained to diagnose and service your vehicle’s most critical problems, allowing you to get the service you need to keep your vehicle running.



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